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Meet Dr. Azucena PannellDr. Pannell headshot

Choosing Chiropractic

As an undergrad, Dr. Pannell visited a chiropractor for the first time. She describes the experience as “a healing party.” The doctor had an open adjusting area where you could see others being adjusted simultaneously. While this isn’t always conducive to patient comfort, she found it made her care about everyone else’s healing.

Dr. Pannell was inspired by her chiropractor’s care and attention to every patient. He was busy all day, every day, with lines of people waiting to see him. She strives to create the same environment of people passionately seeking to improve their health at Pure Relief Chiropractic. To prepare for her career, Dr. Pannell earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina, graduating in 2015.

A Focused Approach

Providing patient-focused results is Dr. Pannell’s goal. She loves that her job allows her to make a change in people’s lives, both by relieving their pain and seeking out and correcting the underlying issues that created the pain.

Dr. Pannell intensely focuses on her patients and what they have to tell her. She is an excellent listener and takes detailed notes to ensure she creates a care plan that works for you. When patients have breakthroughs in their pain and function, you will find Dr. Pannell celebrating along with them!

To ensure patients understand what’s going on with their health, Dr. Pannell educates them along the way. She wants to provide results starting from the very first session, and she loves knowing that patients will leave feeling better than when they arrived.

In Her Spare Time

When she’s not at work, Dr. Pannell enjoys spending time outdoors, walking and hiking with her senior (but still active) American Eskimo dog. She also enjoys swimming at the Springs, going out with friends, and listening to live music.

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